Friday, January 29, 2010

No, as performed by Alejandro Fernandez, Free Mariachi Sheet Music

Salutations All,

Welcome to the Thirty-Sixth presentation of the MACT Project, created to provide free Mariachi Sheet music, additional resources for the mariachi fan and player, and establishing a medium in which the Mariachi community can share, innovate, and preserve the beautiful music of mariachi.

No, as performed by Aljeandro Fernandez 
     --To learn more about Alejandro Fernandez, click on his name or here.

MACT PROJECT #36: NO, Alejandro Fernandez

     This request has been an interesting adventure because of the unexpected twists and turns the whole body of music presents: the song is highly, and secrectly, complex, having a high degree of layering between the string instruments, piano, and other synthesized instruments. 
     But, this is only the beginning and doesn't account with having to deal with the primary problem: Alejandro Fernandez's overpowering vocals. First, I would like to clarify that Mr. Fernandez is a very talented individual and his skills help promote the beautiful music of Mexico and the Latin community, in general. My main concern is about the heavily unequaled balance of vocal and accompaniment on this track. There are points where Fernandez's voice is the only thing audible, leaving the musicians having to content, unsuccessfully, with the main attraction (okay, that was my only complaint. 

     Because of instances where the accompaniment cannot be heard, I did the best one can to be as true to the original arrangement as possible. I attempted to keep the core parts of No intact while expanding arrangements in other areas. 

Well, without further delay, here is the piece: No, as performed by Alejandro Fernandez

     --Listen to the audio for No, here: 

Director's copy excerpt: 

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