Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yo Quiero Ser, as performed by Vicente Fernandez--Free Sheet Music

Good Afternoon all,

     Welcome to the Thirty-Seventh of the MACT Project, I hope everyone is doing well. Remember that the is a free Mariachi resource site where one can download free sheet music, all the time. Today we are presenting, Yo Quiero Ser, as performed by Vicente Fernandez.  

     For more information about the life of Vicente Fernandez, presented by wikipedia, click here:

One thing that stands out immediately about this song is the Guitar part: it is used as a Rhythmic instrument, muting the strings so that one could only hear a "chunking" sound and not chords. 

Also, the Guitar part acts like a foundation for the Vihuela part. For the most part, the Vihuela arrangement becomes the "frosting" of the piece, allowing a sharp sprinkling of chords--the chords, within the song, hardly strays away from basic triad chords.

Overall, I have always enjoyed this number. It is both simple and elegant. We hope you enjoy it:

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