Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Additional Resources for Sheet Music, Scores from Mariachi Juvenil Viajero

Good Afternoon,

First, I would like to thank everyone for supporting this site. I understand that a single person cannot do it alone, one needs the help of many to truly make an impact, in the Mariachi music scene. As a result, Mr. M. Cedillo, has guided us to a website run by Mariachi Juvenil Viajero, which contains additional Scores and charts for mariachi.

One thing: after clicking the site to upload, one is prompted to "chose" between two ways of uploading the music:

first; there is the Premium uploading version--which they say is faster by giving a list by list comparison, second; they have the Basic or Regular uploading version that takes between 4o to 45 seconds, between downloads (since I use Mac, I only had to wait for one 45 second cycle. I don't know how the process works with PC's, sorry).

Besides that, one can start downloading songs into one's library with little difficulty.

Below I am created a link to Mariachi Juvenil Viajero's Website, enjoy and tell me what you think.


P. Mingus

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