Thursday, October 8, 2009

MACT Project--Mariachi Arranging, Composition, and Transcribing Project

Hello all,

In my younger years, as a beginner Mariachero, I remember having difficulty learning the music of mariachi traditionally--music learned by word of mouth. My father would often get frustrated at me when I asked him where I could find "the written version" of a particular song.
"Mijo, we don't learn like that, with notes on a page. We learn simple: I tell you the song, you learn it," speaking in a calm, soft voice that's hardly audible beyond ten inches.
His words were suppose to comfort me and suppress any wild idea of having actual Mariachi sheet music--It didn't. From that point on, my curiosity for transcribing music began to grow, like a lonely mustard grass weed in a sea of immovable, and seemingly seamless asphalt. I wanted to learn to write and read music, but most importantly, I wanted to share it with others and give them the opportunity to learn mariachi traditionally and contemporarily.

This is why I created this blog so that a tech savvy community of Mariachi musicians and enthusiasts can share and collaborate together, through this wonderful music medium.

Here are the basic ground rules for this blog:

1. This is a MUSIC EDUCATIONAL PROJECT: we will be sharing music for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!
2. This blog is to be used only as an educational tool to refine, learn, advocate, and teach others the beautiful music of Mariachi.
3. If you have a requests for a transcribed, arranged, etc. song that isn't available on the blog, let me know, provide me the song--in mp3 form or other--and I can transcribe said song and have it ready to post within a two week period (this may take longer if there is a large volume of requests--others are encouraged to help).
4. Subscribers get priority in their requests for Mariachi Music
5. Have fun, this blog is a No-Prima-Donna Zone!

With that being said, I am excited to engage in musical project that is fun and creative.


Plucking Mingus


  1. cuenta conmigo para tu proyecto arreglista de la soja y tambien me dedico a la educacion lo que se te Ofrezca en partituras


  2. pueden poner la cancion hermoso carino de vicente fernandez